Carling Pledges to Fight Gerrymandering

What’s at stake in the 2019 Louisiana elections?

This Fall, Louisiana voters will elect State Legislators who will decide how to redraw the state legislative seats and U.S. Congressional districts. Every 10 years, these districts are redrawn to reflect changes in the population (2020 Census!). However, too often the redistricting process is manipulated to create districts engineered for a particular partisan outcome, also known as gerrymandering. The result? Politicians pick their voters instead of voters getting to pick their representative.

I am taking a pledge issued by the National Democratic Redistricting Committee and former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, that when elected, I will fight to create districts that represent the true will of the voters. Having worked on legislation in Congress on this issue, I’m ready to fight for a process that allows for districts to be drawn fairly in Louisiana. Many voters in District 91 are upset about the decisions being made in Baton Rouge. Louisiana needs nonpartisan, independent redistricting that ends map manipulation. You want your vote to count, right?

Here’s the pledge:

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