The future of Louisiana is up to us.

They said we’d never come back. I’ll work to make sure we never go back. I’m running because I want to keep this city running. We need new streets, drainage and flood protection systems that work, smarter utilities, and sustainable infrastructure that raises our quality of life and our economic outcomes. Stay tuned for my full platform.


The three most important words I ever heard: Opportunity for all. Better jobs equal stronger families and communities. I’m running because I want to help create more opportunities for people to be economically successful. Stay tuned for my full platform.


As a dad trying to navigate the complex education landscape in New Orleans, I’m well aware of the challenges facing families with school-aged children. I’m running because I want to invest in our city’s greatest asset: our youth. Every child has dreams, let’s make sure they have a way to realize them. If we fail here, we’ve flunked everything. Stay tuned for my full platform.


As a parent, to me, there’s no greater priority than keeping our children safe. I’m running because I want to make some of America’s best-known streets the safest streets. I know that criminal justice reform, goes hand-in-hand with reducing crime and violence. People who enter the criminal justice system, especially those who are poor and vulnerable, need compassion and chances to thrive. In particular, given my own family’s history with mental health challenges, I strongly believe we must make treatment for health disorders, including drug addiction, a priority. Stay tuned for my full platform.


Home is where my heart is. That’s why I moved back to New Orleans after serving on capitol hill and purchased a house with my wife in the Marlyville neighborhood in the Carrollton Area. I’m running because I want to make where we live, more livable – for all New Orleanians. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, and I don’t want anyone else to have to. Stay tuned for my full platform.


Our coast is critical to the future of Louisiana. It’s home to more than 2 million people, and the provider of nearly 30% of the commercial fishing landings in the continental U.S. Our coast is the commercial hub for 20% of the country’s waterborne commerce with five of the nation’s largest ports. There is also breathtaking natural beauty as the coast is the migratory stopover and wintering habitat for more than 100 million birds annually.

Unfortunately, we’re losing our coast at a rate of a football field of land every 100 minutes. We’ve lost 1.2 million acres of wetlands since the 1930s. This loss affects our protection from storms, our estuary productivity and economic vitality, and our culture. When elected, I will work to implement Louisiana’s Coastal Master Plan, a blueprint to restore and protect our coast for future generations.