Carling's Infrastructure Plan

I’ve talked to thousands of people across District 91 about the issues most important to them. Whether I am in Hollygrove, Central City, Mid City or the Irish Channel, everyone tells me they are concerned with our streets and drainage.

I have worked in Congress and in State Legislatures to pass solutions that make communities stronger. Here is what I plan to do when elected:

1.  Long-term solutions, not band-aids. It will take bold, capable leadership to deliver the resources New Orleans needs. We must approach these problems with a vision beyond a 4-year term. As a dad to a 2-year old daughter, I want to invest in her generation, so that New Orleans is thriving when she is an adult. We have serious problems that need to be addressed immediately, but we must also create a plan for long-term sustainability. I understand what long-term solutions look like, and I have spent my career working on policies that have a lasting, positive change in communities throughout the country. I’ve passed programs that increase the availability of affordable housing, support access to capital for small businesses, and create renewable energy.

2.  Fight so New Orleans gets the money it deserves. I will work to ensure that New Orleans has the resources to address our toughest problems, including infrastructure. The Mayor and the New Orleans legislative delegation made tremendous progress this past legislative session, when more funding was secured for infrastructure, including $50 million in upfront funding. We need strong, experienced leadership capable of bringing people together to fight for the money New Orleans deserves. Our community is the economic engine of the state, and New Orleans deserves the resources it needs to make infrastructure upgrades. We need continued advocacy and prioritization of State capital outlay dollars.

3.  Secure financial resources for homeowners and businesses who make green improvements. I will introduce legislation that allows for tax credits or grants to be made to homeowners or businesses who invest in infrastructure that utilizes technologies that helps us live better with water and mitigate the impact of flooding during a downpour. Here’s how the program would work:

  • Home or business owners would be awarded a refundable tax credit or a grant to cover the cost of building infrastructure that helps retain water.
  • The credit would cover 25% of the cost of such work up to a certain limit.
  • Credit would be claimed on state tax returns.
  • For example, if The Smiths decide to tear up the concrete in front of their yard and install grass or permeable concrete and spend $2,000 for the work, they could earn a $500 refundable tax credit from the state. The credit could be used to offset their tax liability or claimed as a refund.

4. Champion policies to help our community live with water. Overhauling our drainage and pumping infrastructure will take time and resources. While we make improvements to help us drain more quickly, we should also look for ways to mitigate the impact of heavy rain events. State lawmakers should support funding and policies that will help our community build retention ponds, replace concrete with greenery or more porous materials, and incorporate green infrastructure into our area parks and municipal facilities.

5.  Strengthen the Sewerage and Water Board and hold it accountable. As state representative, I will take a leading role to coordinate with Mayor Cantrell, the New Orleans City Council, the Governor, and my colleagues in the New Orleans delegation to fund the needs of the Sewerage & Water Board. I will also work with appointing authorities to ensure that the makeup of the Sewerage & Water Board includes individuals with the background, expertise, and connection to the community to effectively carry out the important task of oversight. I will also demand transparency and regular reports on major repairs and upgrades as well as constituents’ requests.